Malawi Elections 2014: Results to be announced on Friday 30

Blantyre: There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as Malawi Electoral Commission of Malawi says it is ready to announce the results as it has received and tallied all results of the May 20 elections.

Justice Maxon Mbendera, Chairperson of MEC made the announcement at a press briefing held at the National Tally Centre in Blantyre.

Mbendera said the Commission is waiting on the judgement of a case at the High court which will determine whether the results will be announced on Friday or whether there will be a vote recount. The ruling is expected anytime not later than 4pm on Friday.

Justice Mbendera also said the commission has received over 280 complaints on the electoral process and has managed to process 187 of the complaints. He added that the remaining complaints will be commented on in the report to be compiled later.

Responding to a question from the BBC on whether the Commission will use the votes from the 58 constituencies that have registered anomalies, the Chairperson said at the moment the Commission has used the votes with the queries. Mbendera said if the court allows them extend the time to announce the results then it will enable the Commission to do away with the ‘suspicion’ that has been identified in the constituencies.

Over the past few days there have been many court applications for injunctions and vacations of the same from various political parties restraining the MEC from halting the entry of results and going on with a voter recount. The hearing of the case will be held tomorrow, Thursday, May 29. The ruling will be made on Friday, May 30.

Justice Mbendera extended his gratitude to all stakeholders like Civil society, the media, political parties, election observers and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) for their support in the electoral process. He also called upon Malawians to maintain peace and calm whatever the ruling on the case may be.

According to the Presidential and Parliamentary act MEC is obliged to announce the results of the election eight days after the last polling day which, in this case was on Thursday 22 May.


Joyce Banda’s statement (full verbatim)

Below is the statement in verbatim.



WHEREAS it has come to my attention that there have been several fraudulent and rampant irregularities in relation to the 2014 Tripartite Elections for the election of President, Members of Parliament and Councilors;

AND WHEREAS it is in the public interest that all ongoing processes in the relation to the2014 Tripartite Elections for the election of President, Members of Parliament and Councilors be nullified:
NOW THEREFORE, I DR JOYCE BANDA, President of the Republic of Malawi, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 88 (2) of the Constitution, hereby issue this Proclamation nullifying all on-going processes in relation to the 2014 Tripartite Elections for the election of President, Members of Parliament and Councilors, including the process of counting of votes and announcement of the results thereof which shall cease forthwith.

AND I HEREBY further proclaim that Tripartite Elections for the election of President, Members of Parliament and Councilors shall be held within ninety days of the date of this Proclamation.

Given under my hand at LILONGWE on this 24TH day of MAY , 2014.




Malawi Elections 2014: President Banda orders a re-run of the elections

Lilongwe, 12noon: In a twist of events in the Malawi elections today, May 24, President Joyce Banda issues an order stopping the Malawi Electoral Commission from continuing with vote counting.

She made a statement a press briefing which was held at Kamuzu Palace less than an hour ago.

Band has exercised her presidential powers under section 82(2) which empowers a sitting president to call off an election process if he or she feels the process is not credible.

The order, signed by the president states that a re-run of the elections will be done in 90 days.

Malawi Tripartite Elections 2014: Electoral Commission’s Preliminary results

Official results from MEC tally center are now being made public. So far this is how they stand:

Peter Mutharika – 683.621 votes – 42%
Joyce Banda – 372.101 votes – 23 %
Lazarus Chakwera – 289.145 votes -18 %
Atupere Muluzi – 269.250 votes – 16 %

The results are said to be from 1333 centers of the 4445 centers in the country.


Malawi Tripartite elections 2014: Is it Peter or Lazarus?

Blantyre: Malawians on Tuesday, May 20 went to polls to choose their presidential, parliamentary and local council representatives in their first tripartite elections. The elections were faced with many hiccups including delayed delivery of voting materials to some voting centres and few instances of violence and disorder.

The voting process has taken three days. However, the chairperson for the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Justice Maxon Mbendera has said the elections were free and fair and are credible.

Entering of the votes into the tabulation system is still underway at MEC, though the system is said to have been ‘compromised’ and ‘tampered with’ by incumbent president Dr. Joyce Banda.

“I will accept the outcome of the election when the voters audit has been done,” she said.

MEC has denied the allegations, but has acknowledged receipt of over 130 complaints from various stake stakeholders including the three major parties, Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF), and Peoples Party (PP) on various issues of the voting process.

Unofficial results which were compiled by the official broadcaster Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) have been released and they currently show Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as the winner with Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of MCP as runner up. Dr. Joyce Banda of PP is in third place and Mr. Atupele Muluzi is in fourth place.

Though the latter three have called for a vote recount, disputing the amount of votes amassed by Prof. Mutharika, they have all said they will accept what the official results will be.

The official results are said to be released by Thursday, May 29, according to Mbendera.

In the meantime the presidential hopefuls in separate press briefings have called on Malawians to remain calm and peaceful and  wait for the official results.


Celebrating Independence amidst current challenges

Lilongwe: Today, March 3rd, Malawians once again remember the falling heroes that sacrificed their lives for us to gain independence close to 50 years ago. It as a moment of recollection of the achievment os our Mother.

But as we reflect the ideals on which that struggle for freedom was based on, we must ask ourselves, are these ideals still alive and relevant today?

Without a doubt those ideals may  been adjusted – hopefully improved – taking into account the evolution that the malawian society has been through over the years. Whether the evolution has been progressive or retro is a discussion for another day, but as we celebrate our golden jubilee, we surely must take in to account what we have achieved as a nation and whether this is where we would like Mama Malawi to be at 50.

Being an election year, Malawians should consciously contemplate on how the next 50 years should be like; specifically how we can effectively harness our human and material resource to advance as a productive nation; and, what we expect ourselves to do rather than be done to us to move as one family towards socio-economic development and independence.


President Banda asked to testify in Kasambara case as Mpinganjira agrees to testify

Lilongwe: Police on Friday arrested and charged former Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara, in connection to the shooting of the Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo.

Kasambara, who appeared for a court hearing on Monday in Lilongwe told journalists outside the court that government ‘has no case’ against him. In a surprising twist to the case, the former minister mentioned Peoples Party publicist Hophmaly Makande and President Joyce Banda as some of the witnesses to testify in his case.

Mr. Makande has since refused to appear in court citing he has no knowledge of anything pertaining to the case, while the State Press Office is yet to respond on the matter.

However, Information Minister Brown Mpinganjira, who is also mentioned on the list has told Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) that he is ready to testify.

“I am very surprised [to be mentioned], but if the court wants me, I will be glad to testify. It will be my pleasure,” said Mpinganjira.

Another suspect in the murder case is Pika Manondo, who is considered as the shooter. Manondo has denied the allegation through a signed affidavit.

Meanwhile Mr. Mphwiyo is still in South Africa receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained after an attempt on his life earlier in September. The shooting of Mphwiyo is said to be the genesis of series of high profile arrests following shocking revelations of gross corruption and plunder of funds by public officers and other unscrupulous businesspersons.

Kasambara’s case has been committed to the High Court by Chief Resident Magistrate, Ruth Chinangwa.