Celebrating Independence amidst current challenges

Lilongwe: Today, March 3rd, Malawians once again remember the falling heroes that sacrificed their lives for us to gain independence close to 50 years ago. It as a moment of recollection of the achievment os our Mother.

But as we reflect the ideals on which that struggle for freedom was based on, we must ask ourselves, are these ideals still alive and relevant today?

Without a doubt those ideals may  been adjusted – hopefully improved – taking into account the evolution that the malawian society has been through over the years. Whether the evolution has been progressive or retro is a discussion for another day, but as we celebrate our golden jubilee, we surely must take in to account what we have achieved as a nation and whether this is where we would like Mama Malawi to be at 50.

Being an election year, Malawians should consciously contemplate on how the next 50 years should be like; specifically how we can effectively harness our human and material resource to advance as a productive nation; and, what we expect ourselves to do rather than be done to us to move as one family towards socio-economic development and independence.


President Banda asked to testify in Kasambara case as Mpinganjira agrees to testify

Lilongwe: Police on Friday arrested and charged former Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara, in connection to the shooting of the Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo.

Kasambara, who appeared for a court hearing on Monday in Lilongwe told journalists outside the court that government ‘has no case’ against him. In a surprising twist to the case, the former minister mentioned Peoples Party publicist Hophmaly Makande and President Joyce Banda as some of the witnesses to testify in his case.

Mr. Makande has since refused to appear in court citing he has no knowledge of anything pertaining to the case, while the State Press Office is yet to respond on the matter.

However, Information Minister Brown Mpinganjira, who is also mentioned on the list has told Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) that he is ready to testify.

β€œI am very surprised [to be mentioned], but if the court wants me, I will be glad to testify. It will be my pleasure,” said Mpinganjira.

Another suspect in the murder case is Pika Manondo, who is considered as the shooter. Manondo has denied the allegation through a signed affidavit.

Meanwhile Mr. Mphwiyo is still in South Africa receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained after an attempt on his life earlier in September. The shooting of Mphwiyo is said to be the genesis of series of high profile arrests following shocking revelations of gross corruption and plunder of funds by public officers and other unscrupulous businesspersons.

Kasambara’s case has been committed to the High Court by Chief Resident Magistrate, Ruth Chinangwa.


Young Mutharika is DPP torch bearer!

Peter Mutharika, brother to Bingu Mutharika emerges as winner as presidential candidate at the Democratic Progressive convention on Thursday.

Young Mutharika, 73, won with a wide gap against Nkhotakota North MP, Henry Chimunthu-Banda, who announced his interest in the presidential race late March.

Chimunthu, 50, is believed to bring in new blood in the leadership of the the DPP

β€œIt is obvious, our only way to get back into government is to rebrand the party. The party needs to present a new and confident image to the electorate. And I am that new face,” Chimunthu Banda told one of the Malawian dailies.

It was reported that Chimunthu-Banda had already began to send congratulatory messages to Peter Mutharika.


DPP's torche Bearer: Peter Mutharika

DPP’s torche Bearer: Peter Mutharika

Banda conveys early congratulations as Peter Mutharika leads at DPP convention.

Blantyre: Presidential aspirant Chimunthu Banda has already began to convey congratulatory messages to interim president, Peter Mutharika following a wide gap in votes as voting continues at party convention.

Banda who hails from Nkhotakota was hurled a lot of insults for declaring intention to contest against in the presidential. Competition was stiff at the convention.

Will Peter really carry the true light for the DPP? If Chimunthu won, would have the party carried the dream of former statesman Professor Mutharika?

The people are still deciding who will be the torch bearer.


Arthur Peter Mutharika: Voted presidential candidate at DPP Convetion

Arthur Peter Mutharika: Voted presidential candidate at DPP Convetion

Chimunthu-Banda: His campa has already started to send congratulatory message to Mutharika

Chimunthu-Banda: His campa has already started to send congratulatory message to Mutharika

Police disperse DPP supporters at High Court in Lilongwe

There was chaos on Tuesday when party supporters that gathered at bail hearing at the High court in Lilongwe blocked roads with burning tyres and stones.

The supporters gathered to show support to acting DPP president Peter Mutharika. Mutharika, who was arrested on Monday along with 6 others, on allegations of trying to take over power after the death of his brother Bingu.

Riot police fired tear gas to disburse the grouds at lunch time for close to two hours. Business at the mini market was came to a halt with most of the shops closing for safety.


Malawi Cultural Policy To Be Finalised

Artists in the country may breath a sigh of relief as government responds on the delay of the finalisation process of the draft Cultural Policy.

The policy, which was drafted a few years back, has not yet been approved nor discussed by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC)

Music and arts groups in the country have bemoaned the delay of the policy saying that failure to finalise it shows the lack of interest in the arts by government.

However, spokesperson in the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture, Chrissy Chiumia told a local daily that though there is a delay, the ministry is making considerable progress.

Chiumia said part of the delay was because the ministry had decided to revise the draft policy to reflect emerging issues from the two conventions Malawi had recently ratified; the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Convention for the Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The policy was also being revised and improved to reflect current changes in the local arts industry.

She further assured artists that significant progress was being made and called upon artists to be patient as she could not specify a date for completion of the process.