Dream Big, Start Small

People think that mere dreaming will bring them the success they want. Most motivational speakers encourage us to have dreams that are bigger than us. A Christian leader I know once said, “If your dream doesn’t involve God, it is not a big dream.”

Napoleon Hill in his success and personal development writing said every success starts with a dream or a plan or a definite purpose. Without this we just go through life being tossed to and fro like a wave. But a good plan or dream alone doesn’t guarantee one’s success. Acting on the plan does. The common saying goes, every journey starts with a single step. Similarly, every paint masterpiece started with a single stroke on the canvas. The emphasis here is to start the action then the rest begins to fall into place.

A while back I read an inspiring Facebook status that read, “You do not have to be great to start something, but you have to start in order to be great”. Many people have great and big dreams. They talk, talk, and talk but haven’t started the walk. Not even a single step. Many are kept back because of fear of failure, and ridicule. Few of us are kept back because we fear to succeed. We ask what if it actually DOES works? My question is what if it DOES, and you DO SUCCEED? Wouldn’t you be happy that you are in a better place, having achieved your goals?

A friend of mine said the night is for dreaming while the day is for living those dreams. In other words, work out your dreams when u are awake during the day. I would add, work out your dreams even at night if you are awake. By all means work hard at fulfilling them. Most of us are still dreaming our night dreams during the day.

Denis Waitley, a prolific writer, said there are two different types of dreamers; those that dream in the night and those dream during the day. He adds that the most dangerous (successful) people are those that dream while they are awake (day dreamers) for they live their life to realize both their day and night dreams immediately.

The question is, which one are you?

As I come to a close on this post I encourage you to dream big and beyond your wildest imagination. You, your family, community, and nation will benefit from them one day, but only if you add action to the your goals. Start today with a stroke on the canvas, and you will see that as you consistently work towards your dream, you eventually paint yourself a masterpiece. Dream big but start small. This is what successful people do.



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