Joyce Banda returns from Equatorial Guinea, denies authoring resignation letter

Malawi president Joyce Mtila Banda has denied she authored a fake resignation letter that has been circulating on social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. She disclosed this at a press briefing held at Sanjika Palace in Blantrye after she returned from a meeting in Equatorial Guinea.

Banda has offered a 2million Kwacha reward to any one with information that will lead to the arrest of the alleged forger.

The letter, which came out at the height the Civil servants strike, cites health among others, as reasons for her ‘resignation’.

Banda asked: “Why would I resign? I am not sick. I am not mad.”

She further said she sees Malawi having a bumper harvest this year and the economy improving and will be around to witness both.

At the briefing president Banda also spoke against the use of school pupils in just ended industrial strike.

She said, “Children should be taught love not songs that castigate against some else.”

Meanwhile police have confirmed that they are investigating two men who seem to have been linked to rumors of mobilizing the kids to march against JB.


President Joyce Banda

President Joyce Banda


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