Celebrating Independence amidst current challenges

Lilongwe: Today, March 3rd, Malawians once again remember the falling heroes that sacrificed their lives for us to gain independence close to 50 years ago. It as a moment of recollection of the achievment os our Mother.

But as we reflect the ideals on which that struggle for freedom was based on, we must ask ourselves, are these ideals still alive and relevant today?

Without a doubt those ideals may  been adjusted – hopefully improved – taking into account the evolution that the malawian society has been through over the years. Whether the evolution has been progressive or retro is a discussion for another day, but as we celebrate our golden jubilee, we surely must take in to account what we have achieved as a nation and whether this is where we would like Mama Malawi to be at 50.

Being an election year, Malawians should consciously contemplate on how the next 50 years should be like; specifically how we can effectively harness our human and material resource to advance as a productive nation; and, what we expect ourselves to do rather than be done to us to move as one family towards socio-economic development and independence.



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